Cost Planning / Estimating

Provide Cost Estimating services and monitor project cost from the feasibility stage of a project through to the Tender stage.

Measurement / Builders Quantities

Provide full accurate take off / Quantities of Construction works prior to Tender using a Digital Measurement Software.

Bill of Quantities

Provide BOQ in accordance with a published Standard Method of Measurement (SMM). It can be formed part of Contract Documents.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Provide Project Scheduling support, reflecting all the project activities with start and finish dates, project millstones, durations, responsibilities, activities linked by dependencies etc.

Insurance Replacement Cost Estimates

Provide Replacement Cost of the property in the event of a natural disaster. This includes removal of debris, replacement of the building and professional fees.

Construction Work in Progress

Preparation of monthly interim valuations in construction with the progress of work completed, assessment of cost to complete and assessment of variations.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Tax Depreciation Schedule work out how much an asset has depreciated on your investment property.